PCC Life & Career Coach

Looking for the
Best Career Coach in UK?

Meet Aina Raj – An ICF Certified Professional Career Coach & Life Coach, London

PCC Life & Career Coach

Looking for the
Best Career Coach in UK?

Meet Aina Raj – An ICF Certified Professional Career Coach & Life Coach, London

Even the Greatest in the World needs a Coach. Join me in your journey from good to Great!

About Me

My Story

Aina Raj is an Executive Career Coach who holds a PCC certification from the prestigious International Coach Federation, USA. With over 500 hours of formal coaching, she has global experience working with clients in India, Europe, Middle East, USA and UK. She specialises in Executive Career coaching for young graduates and experienced professionals. She is also a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Coach.


Real People Getting Real Results

Aina started coaching in 2019 and serviced more than 100 clients across the globe- 600+ 1-1 sessions (Transformed over 1000+ lives since 2019)

200 +
400+ clients coached since 2019 (Collaborated with Students and employees for group coaching sessions)
Coached clients across the Globe in 6 countries - (UK, Europe, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, USA)
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100% Satisfaction and Happiness delivered to every Client.
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Kudos Board

Why Choose Me

Coming with 8 years of corporate experience and combining core coaching competencies and Neuro Linguistic Programming Technique, Aina brings a unique and holistic approach to Coaching , Aina know exactly what you are going through and come up with the most feasible solutions that change your life for the better.




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If You are in any Sort of Dilemma, Reach out to me!

I extend my full support for any kind of issues that make your life seem dull.


What I Offer

Aina offers a complete coaching solution to any issues you are facing today. May it be a life issue, career issue or a relationship issue; contact your coach Aina right away!

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I am all ears. Write to me about anything that’s bothering you genuinely. 


How It Works

Personal Life Coaching and Professional Career Coaching can’t be separated into two different boxes. The reason being if you are not happy at work, it will affect your family life and vice versa. So Aina chose a holistic approach to extend the best life and career coaching in UK and empower her clients to achieve happiness, fulfilment, and success. Coaching programs are divided into three phases.


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Partners and Associations

Have been acting as an external support to the institutes and school to help students find their IKIGAI and excel in their life! 


Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that every single person have in their mind are common. We have listed such very common and frequently asked questions here to satisfy you with your queries.

What can you expect in a typical Coaching Session?

A 1-1 Online Coaching session is of 60 min duration. This will be a Question & Answer session where the individual will go through a self discovery journey to understand and gain more clarity on their values, purpose and vision for life.

What benefits can I expect from Life Coaching?

  • Get clarity and redefine your vision for life
  • Discover your strengths, values, beliefs and what makes you tick.
  • Become aware of your priorities and what you are willing to let go
  • Ignite the passion in your relationship

What benefits can I expect from Career Coaching?

  • Find the right career for you, do what makes you happy
  • Build influence and persuasion skills 
  • Get ready to ace your upcoming interview with role plays and mock interview sessions
  • Build a personal brand on offline and on Social Media

Individual Coaching

Conducting an Individual Coaching session to open you up and get you talking about your issues in a more detailed manner. Many a time, it so happens that you have your answers with yourself. You just need someone to open up with, with 100% confidentiality and transparency.


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Read my recently published articles that talk about career growth, life growth, personal development, mental issues and how to keep yourself sorted and happy.

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