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Business Coaching services in UK are a highly successful career coaching program established and offered in the United Kingdom for ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to improve their focus, clarity, and structure in developing and implementing a strategic business plan.

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If you’re an entrepreneur starting a new business, an individual transitioning from a corporate career role to starting something new, or a working professional looking to establish a sustainable passive income, Business and Entrepreneur Coaching can help you achieve your goals by guiding you through the process of setting and achieving realistic goals.

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Aina is a UK-based, female business coach offering her personal coaching services to help you start with your business. The Business Coaching program assists you in prioritising and focusing on the most important aspects of your business. You will no longer be stressed by to-do lists, but instead will be able to focus more clearly on long-term effects and meaningful outcomes.

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Personal Therapy

(Life & Career)
£ 75 per hour 8 Sessions
(One time payment)
  • One 60 min Session per week

Job Coaching

£ 85 per hour for 4 Sessions
(One time payment)
  • One 60 min Session per week

On Demand Coaching

£ 100 per hour Pay per Session
  • One 60 min Session on demand

What I Offer

Aina offers a complete coaching solution to any issues you are facing today. May it be a life issue, career issue or a relationship issue; contact your coach Aina right away!


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