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Touch the Dimension within you - Life! Live Life Simple, Silly, Happy with Life Coach UK, Aina Raj

Don’t let problems hold you back from living a better life- clear your head, get inspired and live your life at its best with Life Coach Aina! This is the leading life coaching service in the UK, with expertise in every aspect that life could probably throw at you.

Life Coaching in UK

With a wide range of experience across all areas of life from relationships to parenting, finance and healthy well being – Aina offers a solution for every problem. Through meaningful and thought-provoking conversations,  life coach Aina empowers you to deal with your personal and professional issues and helps you live a fulfilling life.

Walking with you in Every Step of Life

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Over the last few decades, life counselling has grown in popularity. The reason for this is the significant growth in the number of individuals who believe in and are ready to invest in this process after foreseeing how their lives could change for the better forever.

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Personal Therapy

(Life & Career)
£ 75 per hour for 8 Sessions
  • One 60 min Session per week

Job Coaching

£ 85 per hour for 4 Sessions
(One time payment)
  • One 60 min Session per week

On Demand Coaching

£ 100 per hour Pay per Session
  • One 60 min Session on demand

What I Offer

Aina offers a complete coaching solution to any issues you are facing today. May it be a life issue, career issue or a relationship issue; contact your coach Aina right away!


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