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Aina Raj

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Aina Raj is an Executive Career Coach who holds a PCC certification from the prestigious International Coach Federation, USA. With over 500 hours of formal coaching, she has global experience working with clients in India, Europe, Middle East, USA and UK. She specialises in Executive Career coaching for young graduates and experienced professionals. She is also a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

She also comes with over 8 years of corporate sales experience working with technology MNCs in India & Dubai. She is passionate about technology and has worked in the Data analytics  Artificial Intelligence Industry.

She hails from India where she completed her bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering and Masters in Business Administration. For 8 years she worked with different multinational Software companies, she was earning well and consecutively rated among top 5% for outstanding performance. She was good at what she did but she was not happy. She felt something was missing and she decided to do something more meaningful than transactional.

 With the aim of creating impact in the world and helping many others figure out what really makes them happy, Aina founded Transforming Minds.  

An inspiring initiative with the aim to motivate people to reach their true potential through coaching and personal development. Her passion is to empower ambitious individuals in a career path they are passionate about while finding a healthy balance between life, relationships, work and social commitments.

 With a holistic approach by blending life coaching and career coaching, she helps people find more clarity and purpose in life by encouraging positive thinking and managing negativity, and work on overall personal development to achieve happiness and fulfilment in life.

When Aina is not coaching or working, she loves to read a book, write a blog, and play with her two lovely kids. 



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What I Offer

I am offering a complete life coaching related to any manner and issue that you are suffering from. May it be a life issue, career issue or a relationship issue; contact your coach Aina right away!

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