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When you work with an executive coach UK closely, you experience a paradigm change in your thinking. Executive Coaching shifts the way you approach life, from a microscopic view of difficulties to an eagle’s view of the large picture. You’ll be able to encourage yourself and your team to always strive for greatness with this fresh viewpoint and a focused growth attitude.

Executive Coaching London is the best way to give yourself some time to become more self-aware. Realign your career and personal priorities and values. And live a more meaningful, purpose-driven life, if you’ve been too busy chasing your ambitious career with little time to rethink your vision and priorities.

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Aina Raj is an internationally accredited and experienced coach who possesses PCC certification from the prominent International Coach Federation, USA. She has more than 500 hours of formal coaching experience and has worked with customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. She specialises in Executive Coaching for seasoned working professionals with over 8 years of corporate experience.

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Personal Therapy

(Life & Career)
£ 75 per hour 8 Sessions
(One time payment)
  • One 60 min Session per week

Job Coaching

£ 85 per hour for 4 Sessions
(One time payment)
  • One 60 min Session per week

On Demand Coaching

£ 100 per hour Pay per Session
  • One 60 min Session on demand

What I Offer

Aina offers a complete coaching solution to any issues you are facing today. May it be a life issue, career issue or a relationship issue; contact your coach Aina right away!


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